“Not a painting, but I have made a place…”

                                                                                                                               from “Gray Windows”

 Poet, teacher, and food enthusiast, Paul Otremba is author of the poetry collection The Currency.

About The Currency:

“The finely-sculpted poems of The Currency animate the world of art and architecture, from Caravaggio and Frank Gehry to the contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan and the filmmaker Jean- Pierre Limosin. Exploring such works of art for how they lead us to pause for thought and breath, for how they infuse mind and body in equal measure, helping us keep and pass the time we spend, Otremba poignantly articulates the hues of familial life.”

—Four Way Books Press Release

“[A]ustere and lush, cool and soulful. These poems are exhilaratingly achieved.”

—Mark Doty

“These are deeply felt, deeply meditated poems.”

                                                                                                                        —Michael Collier 

@ Four Way Books

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