Ramen with Pork Belly and Shoulder A ramen shop is opening up in my neighborhood soon, but since it’s not here yet, I’m stuck making my own. I had leftover bacon dashi and homemade chicken stock in  the freezer, so I decided to build off those flavors with pork and shiitakes. I rehydrated two cups of dried shiitakes, simmered them in 3 cups of water for 30 minutes, and then removed and reserved the shiitakes for pickling. I added the shiitake liquid to the dashi and chicken stock (about 1 1/2 cups of dashi and 3 cups of the concentrated chicken stock), along with two raw pork hocks that I’d roasted for an hour at 400 °F. I simmered this broth for 5 hours, adding water as needed, and then removed the hocks and strained the broth through cheesecloth.

I made pork belly and pork shoulder à la the Momofuku cookbook, and served the ramen and broth with the pork, scallions, these beautiful purple-green-iridescent mustard greens, julienned radishes, and a hard-boiled egg.

Since I can’t just make enough pork belly and shoulder for a few bowls of ramen, I used them in a noodle dish the next night. The pickled shiitakes joined pickled carrots and cucumbers and some steamed, shelled edamame to accompany the pork and a batch of ginger-scallion noodles. I made a glaze for the pork with fresh orange juice, cointreau, light soy sauce, ponzu, mirin, rice wine vinegar, and amber agave syrup. The noodle dish was so good that I had it for lunch the next day, adding some of the mustard greens and hard-boiled egg. Glazed Pork and Pickled Vegetables with Ginger-Scallion Noodles

Glazed Pork with Ginger-Scallion Noodles the Next Day

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